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Welcome to the municipality of Fuglafjørður

Nestled in the heart of the Faroe Islands on the island of Eysturoy, the municipality encompasses the bustling town of Fuglafjørður, the neighbouring region of Kambsdalur and the picturesque and charming old village of Hellur.

Natural Harbour Facilities

The town of Fuglafjørður, stretching around the head of a deep fjord by the same name, offers an excellent natural harbour that is accessible under all weather conditions. The quay is some 1000 meters in length. The port plays a significant role in the pelagic fisheries of the North Atlantic as well as the overall gross domestic production of the Faroe Islands. The town, with 3.3% of the total population, generates nearly 20% of the Faroese Export.

Diversity - Key to success

Ships and many flags land their catch at Havsbrún Ltd., the only fishmeal production facility in the region with a production capacity in excess of 1100 tonnes per day. Associated with Havsbrún is a freezing plant for pelagic fish.

Carved out of the mountain towering Fuglafjørður is the largest cold store in the Faroe Islands, Bergfrost. Located near the harbour, the facilities are being enlarged to accomodate increasing demand.

Vónin, a world-reknown trawl and purse seine manufacturing company, is located alongside the port as well, enabling repairs to expedited quicly and easily. Vónin produces a variety of pelagic and ground trawls. Nearby, a modern engineering company, KJ Hydraulic, offers quality hydraulic and mechanical repairs and are specialists in hydraulic winches and cranes. JT Electric is a leader in the design of electrical systems for fish farming and its highly-skilled technicians can effect timely repairs.

Food, water and bunkering is also available at quay-side.

For your convenience we have provided an information leaflet containing most of the information presented on the homepage, as well as other material.

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