ETA should be given to the Agent or to the Harbour Office 24, 12 and 2 hours before arrival.

The ETA-message should include the ship’s name, draught, crew list,Ship’s Particulars and ISPS certificate.

There are no approach limitations, such as bridges, power lines, locks etc.
The fjord is wide and deep. There are no rocks or other underwater obstructions.

The radar image can be used optimally as a navigation aid. The tidal currents run 6 hours in a northerly direction and 6 hours in a southerly direction at a speed of up to 4 knots when there are strong currents.

Inside the fjord is no current.

The difference between high and low water is 1.0 metres.

The following forms are required by the authorities:
• One passenger manifest
• One embarking passenger manifest
• One crew manifest
• One stores list
• One customs declaration (ship)
• One customs declaration (crew)
• One deratting certificate