Port of Fuglafjørður is one of Europe’s leading pelagic fishing ports, with a comprehensive range of facilities and services.

The town of Fuglafjørður, stretching around the head of a deep fjord by the same name, offers an excellent natural harbour, where you and your vessel safely can have a pitstop in the North Atlantic – even under all weather conditions.

The quay is more than 1,250 meters in length. The longest ship to rest at quay was 248 metres. The port plays a significant role in the pelagic fisheries of the North Atlantic, as well as the overall gross domestic production of the Faroe Islands. The town, with 3.3% of the total population, generates nearly 30% of the Faroese Export.

With pelagic fisheries at the core of the port’s business, bunkering has also become one of the main sources of ship traffic. The only port in the Faroe Islands to offer heavy fuel for marine vessels on a commercial basis, Fuglafjørður has seen steady growth in this segment, which is largely driven by demand from international vessels.

Free internet for all ships.
Hotspot receiver-antenna is provided to ships that wish it.