Port services

Fresh Water Information
Fresh water is available by hose (shore connection) only. The rate of supply is approximately 80 tons per hour – usually 2 hoses at 40 tons per hose. The shore connections are international.

Garbage / Sewage Information
Both dry and wet garbage can be landed. There is no barge available. The garbage containers are 2,5 and 24 cubic metres.
There is a sewage lorry which can take sewage and sludge.
The Marpol sewage regulations are in force.

Repair Facilities
Fuglefjord Harbor is an international leading port of pelagic fish. In the port there is a meal and fish oil factory, freeze terminal and oil terminal. Not-& trawl workshop, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services are available.
There can be bunkerd MGO, HFO, blends.

General facilities.
– One telephone line can be installed on board. Advance notice must be given the day before arrival
– The tourist information office is 5-10 minutes away in the town centre
– Tour buses can be positioned alongside the ship
– There is a five minute walk to the nearest bank
– Public telephones and cash machine are in the town centre
– A selection of shops is in the town centre
– There is restaurant and snack bars within walking distance
– Taxis can be ordered
– There is public transport all around the islands
– Public toilets are in the terminal
– The post office is a 5—10 minute walk from the ship